• What devices work with Sail?

    You can use your computer, smartphone, or tablet.
    Recommended settings:

    • Internet: 15Mbps upstream / 15Mbps downstream or higher
    • Operating system: Windows 8, macOS 10, iOS 12, iPadOS 13, Android 8.1 or higher
    • Camera: 640x480 or higher resolution
    • Microphone frequency response: 100Hz -15,000Hz
    • Browser: Latest version of Google Chrome

    Some HUAWEI tablet and smartphone models may not be compatible.

  • What kind of headset can I use?

    Any type of headset with a microphone can be used.

  • I have never spoken with a native Japanese speaker before and I'm nervous.

    They are aware of this, so you do not need to worry. Try preparing notes about what you'd like to talk about beforehand to ensure a smooth conversation.

  • How do I schedule a conversation?

    Click on the calendar symbol at the bottom right of the screen, and then click on the date you want. Select the time and person you want to talk to, and make an appointment.

  • What is the difference between "Waiting for Confirmation" and "Confirmed"?

    When you make a reservation, that time slot needs to be approved by your language partner in Japan. You will see the "Waiting for Confirmation" message at this time. Please wait for the "Confirmed" message.

  • Is there anything I should be mindful of?

    We ask that you please refrain from exchanging personal contact information such as email addresses and social media profiles. We understand that some users might want to exchange this information, but some of the Japanese members may not be comfortable with this. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in keeping our platform safe and enjoyable for all parties.

  • Can I have Sail conversations anywhere I want?

    Please avoid having Sail conversations in public places, like coffee shops and restaurants, and while driving. It's best to wear a headset when possible. Quiet places are ideal for conversations.

  • I can't find my usual conversation partner. What should I do?

    The reservation system focuses on your availability first, and then lets you select who is available during that time. You can find your desired conversation partner by frequently checking the reservation slots, or by agreeing on a date and time with your partner at the end of your conversation session.

  • When the conversation is confirmed, is the time displayed in my time zone or Japan's time zone?

    The time will be displayed according to the time zone you have set in your account settings. If you need to, you can change the time zone by selecting "Edit Profile" from "Menu" in the upper right corner of the Sail screen. Please note that the time is displayed in AM and PM, so be careful not to make any mistakes.

  • What are hashtags?

    You can choose hashtags to express your interests and the topics you are familiar with and would like to talk about. After choosing your hashtags on Sail, it will be easier to match to Japanese people with similar interests. On Sail, you can tag yourself from big categories like Work, Industries, Culture, Life, Studying, Favorite Places and Sports. There are also many other tags to choose from under these categories.

  • How can I change my hashtags?

    Please go to "Edit Profile" from "Menu." Under "Edit Profile," you can find "Hashtags" at the bottom. Click it and you will go to the "Edit Hashtags" page. Please choose hashtags to express your interests and the topics you are familiar with and would like to talk about.

  • Can everyone see my hashtags?

    Yes, Japanese people on Sail will see your hashtags on your profile. By adding hashtags, it will be easier to match to Japanese people who have similar interests.

  • How many conversations can I have during the trial period?

    You can have three free conversations within a two-week period.

  • What happens at the end of the trial period?

    At the end of your trial period, a notification will come up asking you to update your plan. If you choose to update to a paid plan, you will be rerouted to a payment page. Your membership fee may vary based on your country.

  • Is there a limit to the number of conversations you can have with the monthly paid plan?

    No, you can have as many as you like!

  • Will the monthly paid plan automatically renew itself?

    Yes. If you sign up for the monthly paid plan, it will automatically renew every month. We also offer discounted 3-month and 6-month plans, which are automatically renewed based on their respective terms.

  • Can I cancel my monthly paid plan at any time?

    You can cancel this service at any time. If you are using a paid plan, you can continue to use the service until the end of your billing period. However, if you terminate the service before the end of the billing period, we cannot offer you a refund.

  • I don't know how to cancel my plan.

    If you paid for your subscription with PayPal or a credit card, you can cancel your paid plan from "Cancel Subscriptions" in the Menu Page. For those subscribing through Google Play, please cancel through Google Play.

  • My partner is not answering.

    Some people have an unstable internet connection and may have difficulty connecting or communicating.

    If you cannot connect to the other party after pressing the "Talk" button and waiting for about 10 minutes, it is okay to disconnect the call. There are instances where you finally connect after waiting a few minutes. Let's be kind in considering that some people are running late because of work or other appointments. Some users say that it was nice to have a conversation even though it only lasted 5 minutes. Regardless of the situation, please use your judgment on when to end a call.

    (If you are new to Sail and one of your 3 free calls gets used up because of this, please reach out to customer support:

  • What should I do if I have an emergency during my scheduled conversation time?

    You can cancel your conversation. If you click on the "View Details" button of a confirmed reservation, you will see a screen where you can click on the "Cancel Reservation" button. However, since your partner has been preparing and looking forward to your conversation session, please refrain from last-minute cancellations unless it is unavoidable.

  • The buttons sometimes don't work when I press them.

    Depending on the condition of your internet connection and your device, Sail might take some time to load, and the buttons may take longer to respond. If they are not responding, you can try closing Sail or reloading the page.

  • The screen froze mid-conversation.

    Pressing "End Call" once, closing Sail, opening Sail again, and restarting the conversation with the "Talk" button may improve the situation.

  • I forgot my password.

    You can reset your password by pressing the "Forgot Password" button on the login screen. We will send a password reset to your email and you can reset it from there. If you have any questions, please send an email to

  • I made a mistake while purchasing my plan.

    We may be able to cancel your purchase. Please contact us:

  • Other questions?

    For other questions or inquiries, please contact us:
    We will respond to your question within two business days.